Riley Hunter

Riley's passion for writing and travel began during his youth. Both of his parents were schoolteachers and urged him to explore his education and passions. His love for outdoor activities, which, coupled with his love for language and travel, called him to study abroad though Ohio University. He spent his days abroad in Merida, Mexico; where he was introduced to literary works, inspiring professors, the Spanish language, and of course Mexico. Riley began to write travel blogs, book reviews, and was offered an internship for a local newspaper. Upon completion of his degree, Riley went to Honduras and lived in a rural village for a year. There, he continued his online blogging escapades, recounting the tails of adventure in wild Honduras. He also began the social media pages for his school, in order to raise funds for the school, and also helped-along other businesses, hotels, and orphanages around the places he frequented. Riley has also worked for a short time with Greenpeace helping them spread the word, in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. He gets the majority of his social media/web marketing knowledge from his journalism/writing experience, but also a lot of his wisdom comes from his stepmother who is the principal of a professional branding & marketing firm and his stepbrother who is an Art Director/Graphic Designer for a very famous record label in the music industry.
Aside from journalism, travel, and language, Riley is a professional scuba diver, a dog an animal lover, and is loving all that is Sayulita (especially the surfing and his new puppy he adopted from Sayulita Animals).

Stories from Riley Hunter

Friday, May 24th, 2013
First dinner dates: June 11 & 12 (mark your calendar). Delightful specialty dinners and scenery restyling next month at Don Pedro's and then starting again in November for select nights during the entire 2013-14 season. Don't you worry, you'll certainly still be able to gaze at gentle pastel sunsets over sweeping Sayulita coastline; the view will just also include unforgettable glimpses of familiar faces at a remarkable family-style dinner in paradise.
Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Stonefish Skateshop is urging local skater youth to use their noggins' and wear a helmet. Skateboarding is a relatively new sport to Sayulita, and offers an alternative to surfing for those who prefer to board on land rather than the sea. With the immense growing popularity of the sport, came ramps and little skate parks around the North end of Sayulita, where Stonefish is located.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013


Sayulita's own local boxing hero, Romario Cardenas Ruiz, brought home a silver medal to Sayulita, after a tough loss in the championship bout of the Olimpiada Nacional tournament in Baja. However, cheers, applause, praise and proud-faced friends greeted him upon his return home. El Sayulero had the chance to sit down with him and his boxing club, to learn his story and his quick rise to the top.
Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Primary school Revolucion Mexicana and Sayulimpia teamed up this Wednesday morning to perform a river clean up, in order to clean the trash from Sayulita's riverbed. They implemented this project just before the start of the rainy season, in order to keep it from flowing into our ocean and onto our beaches! Talk about pre-emptive and pragmatic!