Fiber Is Your Friend

Lots of Friends in Sayulita!
Friday, November 4th, 2011

Is Fiber your Friend? It wants to be be. Dietary fiber, one of the most beneficial nutrients to the human body, is often lacking in most people’s daily meals. Boasting tasty options and health benefits galore, if you haven’t already, it’s time to befriend fiber.



Fiber helps you feel satiated (fills you up) and controls your weight. It helps keep your bowel movements regular, your blood sugar level under control, lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides, normalizes blood pressure and has been proven to fight cancer.

How much should you eat, and where do you find the best sources of fiber in Sayulita? Follow these simple recommendations to start:  a daily goal of 25 to 35 grams, and at each meal of the day have at least one serving from our Top 10 list of locally found fiber-rich foods.




Apples and their skin pack twice as much fiber as other common fruits. A whole medium apple has almost 3.5 grams of fiber, but if you peel the skin you lose half the fiber. Apple juice is lacking almost all the fiber, ONLY 0.2 grams in a cup.


A medium artichoke contains 10 grams of fiber but just 120 calories. Artichokes contain a nutrient that is great for the liver and all those margaritas. Plus more postassium than a banana.


The avocado historically got a bad rap. And while this yummy fruit is high in fat, most of the fat is monounsaturated - heart-healthy fat. Even more important, the fruit is packed with half a day’s fiber - 11 to 17 grams per avocado.


Many grains contain fiber only in the outer bran layer; barley contains fiber throughout the entire kernel.  Therefore, even highly processed barley products have tons of fiber. One, ½ cup serving of cooked barley contains about 4 grams of fiber. Compare that with the fiber in long-grain brown rice at 1.75 grams or white rice at <1 gram.


Beans (Navy, Kidney, Garbanzo)

Beans are one of the best sources of fiber and plentiful here in Mexico. Navy beans have almost 10 grams of fiber in a 1/2 cup. Baked beans, lentils, black beans, pinto beans and garbanzos offer between 7.5 and 9 grams of fiber for a 1/2 cup. Beans are also a great source of protein.


With  2+ grams of fiber in a single cup, 2 grams of protein, 288 mg of potassium, and 43 mg of calcium, plus powerful disease-fighting chemicals, broccoli is often high on the list of healthy foods. Broccoli contains plant compounds that act as traffic cops for estrogen – reducing the risk of hormone-related breast and cervical cancers.



Oatmeal and High Fiber Cereals

A great start to the day is with at least 5 grams of fiber in oatmeal or a whole-grain cereal.  Just make sure the first ingredient on the label is not ‘enriched’ but ‘whole,’ which means all three layers of the grain are intact. Want to boost the fiber content of your breakfast even higher? Top it with wheat germ, chia seeds, pear or berries.


A cup of cubed papaya has only 55 calories and 2.5 grams of fiber, and it's chock-full of important nutrients, including potassium, calcium and vitamins C and A. What's more, papaya is loaded with digestive enzymes. Fish tacos with papaya salsa, anyone?


Berries (Especially Raspberries)

All berries are disease-fighting superstars — and most are low in calories and high in fiber. Raspberries, for example, have just 64 calories per cup with 8 grams of fiber. Berries also contain powerful plant chemicals that reduce inflammation, fight cancer and ease arthritis.


Pumpkin (Happy Halloween!)

Pumpkins should be enjoyed year round. With only 49 calories per cup and 2.5 grams of fiber, why hesitiate? Plus potassium (565 mg per cup) and carotenoids which help keep your eyes healthy.

From our table to yours, happy eating!

Earning Our Margaritas Every Day,

Josh and Shelly