Great Newsletter

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Dear El Sayulero,

I look forward to reading your newsletter every week. Last season we only spent 1 week in Sayulita, our first ever trip to Sayulita. This coming Christmas we will be there for two weeks. I am hoping for more time in the future, but my husband is nervous about the medical facilities. I was so happy to read about the defibrillator and the ambulance. (Where does it take patients in need of medical attention?) I was also so impressed with GPS and, hopefully, if we spend more time in the future, I would love to get involved in some small way. All of the things the group does, are things that needed attention. I loved the pueblo but was undoubtedly put off by the many loose dogs on the beach and even in our compound, where they absolutely did not belong. Since we brought our kids and grandkids, one does worry about parasites and diseases spread by the dogs and their ubiquitous feces. Some sort of euthanasia program for homeless dogs would be a good thing.

Kudos to GPS for cleaning up a very dirty Plaza. Garbage containers that are dog and tipping proof, would be a great help. Every evening as we walked back to our place, we noticed tipped over flimsy wired cage garbage cans (hardly cans), and I was thinking how lovely it would be if the containers were of heavy terra cotta coloured concrete with a metal insert that could be lifted out for garbage collection. They would be tip, dog and other animal proof. Also, there was beautiful bougainvillia planted along the road to our compound, but I thought the Plaza did not have much in the way of color. Somehow I feel that planting a few differently colored bougainvillia could be a splendid focal point in the plaza. I don't know how expensive they are, but would be happy to buy a plant or two if there is room for such planting in the Plaza.

Unfortunately I will have to wait til after Christmas before I get to visit your lovely community again. I look forward to it already.

Gudrun Bennett

British Columbia, Canada