New Years Resolutions Start Now

A Sayulita Fitness Guide To 2012
Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

We've been saying it for almost 8 years now, and we're going to say it again, "Sayulita is a complete health and wellness center."  Every time we turn around there's another activity dedicated to improving your physique, mind, spirit, soul,...  and it's fantastic!  If variety is the spice of life, Sayulita is the Spike of herbs.

And this brings us to the point of this week's article: a health and wellness challenge that starts now, doesn't end until 2012 (if at all:)), and takes advantage of the variety of activities available in Sayulita.  The goal: to enter into 2012 no worse for wear than you are now, hopefully better, and to have fun doing it.

We challenge you, for the next 15 days, to participate in a new fitness/wellness experience every day.  This doesn't mean to drop your normal routine.  We all can cause way too much damage to our bodies in 15 days, so if your fitness/wellness program is working for you, now is the time of year to embrace it more than ever. Always try and pick an experience that will compliment your regular routine.  If you don't have a regular fitness/wellness routine, feel free to make this it.  It will work.  (btw, does anybody know one word that means "fitness and wellness" together?  Typing fitness/wellness is getting really old, but how else to describe it?  And don't say "Health", that's too easy).


  • Suspension Training, aka Power Ropes by MexiFit at The Palapa
  • ppppp
    Zumba at Flow Gym
  • Yoga Dance at Om
  • Sunset Meditation with Shelly at The Villa Amor Kissing Garden
  • Iyengar Yoga with Graziella or Jim
  • Salsa Nights at Don Pedro's
  • Bikram Yoga at Paraiso Yoga
  • Beach Games at The Medusa Beach Club
  • YogaLates with Shelly
  • Accupuncture with Michael
  • Surf Lessons with Gato
  • Rolfing with Ricki
  • SUP excursions with Wild Mex
  • Ziplines, Horseback Rides, Snorkeling, Fishing, Biking, Hangliding, Hiking, Paintball, Massage,...



Get the idea?  Try a new type of massage one day, the next day a new type of yoga, the next day a new sport, the next day...  The choice is yours, and lucky you, the choices are almost endless, and constantly multiplying.  So, enjoy the spices of life, have an excellent holiday season, stay healthy, happy, and Earn Your Margaritas!


Josh and Shelly

***Attention Practitioners: Our column is going to increasingly feature local practitioners and fitness/wellness/health events in Sayulita.  Any local practitioners who would like to be featured in future issues, please send us your information and we'll make sure to let our readers know about it.

***And for our readers, since this column will be featuring local happenings, new and old, make sure to check in weekly in order to tune in to what's new on the fitness/wellness/health front:)