Water, Water Everywhere - But Where's a Drop to Drink?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
Water bowls

Sayulita's street dogs are pretty independent, but that doesn't mean we can't help them with their basic needs -- one of which is water. River and Diamond Jameson, part-time residents of Sayulita, have started a projected they are calling, "Fresh Water for Dogs." The Jameson's purchased 20 metal water bowls which can be attached to outdoor water faucets so the dogs will know where to go to get fresh water.

SayulitAnimals needs help from the community to put these bowls in place. If there is a faucet outside of your house and you are interested in this project please let SayulitAnimals know. There's one in front of Sara Briner's boutique, for example. Sara, as most of you know, is the volunteer director of SayulitAnimals. As we near the end of the dry season, fresh water becomes even more critical for street dogs. Contact sayulitanimals@hotmail.com and volunteer to help our thirsty four-footed friends.

Agua Donde Quiera, Pero Donde Hay Agua Para Tomar?

Los perros callejeros de Sayulita son muy independientes, pero eso no significa que no podemos ayudarlos con sus necesidades básicas, como el agua. River y Diamond Jameson, residentes temporales en Sayulita comenzaron un proyecto que se llama "Agua Pura Para Los Perros". Los Jameson compraron 20 tazones para el agua que se pueden colocar a las llaves de agua exteriores para que los perros sepan bien donde ir para tomar agua fresca.

Sayulitanimals necesita ayuda de la comunidad para colocar estos tazones por el pueblo. Si hay una llave de agua afuera de tu casa o local, y te interesa este proyecto, favor de avisar Sayulitanimals. Hay uno enfrente la tienda de Sara Briner. Sara es la directora de voluntarios en Sayulitanimals. Acercando al fin de la temporada seca, el agua fresca para los perritos es aún más importante. Para hacerse voluntario y ayudar a nuestros amigos sedientes contacta sayulitanimals@hotmail.com