Why does it take a tragedy?

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Why does it take a traumatic event like the other day to motivate a group to action?  I wish I knew.  Think of the tragedies of recent history that might have been avoided if situations that needed intervention were addressed before tragedy struck.  The situation with Mark Stoneburg is another of those situations.  I don't think that there is anyone in our pueblo who would not say that the north end beach is a harder swim than the south.  And, I don't see why that truth hasn't been advertised.  Are we so greedy for tourist or investment revenue that we will ignore reality?  I don't think so.  In fact, I think this is simply a matter of people assuming that everyone who swims the north end knows about the "rips" and the shifting currents.  Obviously, they don't.  How hard is it to post flags designating the location of the rip tide on a daily basis?  Why don't we have life guards in towers like at Los Muertos and the main beach?  And, if there aren't enough life guards, I'm sure we could certify enough local surfers/residents to man those beaches full time.  For those who are afraid of "encroaching on individual freedoms" I say, "balderdash".  We as residents of Sayulita are responsible for the safety of our "guests".  Anything less in negligence.

On a more personal level, I as a flyer-in-training (the Ultra Light) would have been more than ready to go up and search for Mark had I known.  And, at the risk of speaking for someone else, I am sure my mentor , Johnny V., would have been in the air in minutes had someone asked him to.  And, I am also sure that this offer holds for fisherman who lose power, or any other person who needs assistance that can be offered from the air.  What I am saying is let's not let this tragedy repeat itself, and let's work to prevent any other tragedies from occurring in our magical pueblo.  It is a horrible shame that it takes an event like this to spur us on to taking preventive measures that, perhaps, we should have taken years before, but, let us not lose this opportunity to make sure such things do not occur again in Sayulita.

Timothy Kelley